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Per Executive Order 2020-180, facial coverings are required in hockey. This includes athletes and coaches, at all times during active participation and all times during non-active participation, when 6 feet of physical distance cannot be maintained. In both practices and training sessions, in all MERC regions of the state (including Regions 6 & 8), the Executive Order 2020-180 applies

Executive Order 2020-180 does not define ‘facial coverings’ for purposes of organized sports; however, facial coverings must cover the nose and mouth. The following are not prohibited by Executive Order 2020-180:

  • Traditional cloth / fabric masks
  • Neck gaiters
  • Sports masks
  • Splash guards / shields
  • Attachable helmet accessories (located inside hockey face mask)

MAHA recognizes that coaches may be able to structure certain practices, or portions of a practice, that would permit 6feet of physical distance to be consistently maintained.

  • Skating-only exercises
  • Individual skills sessions

During those practices, or portions of a practice, permitting 6 feet of physical distance to be consistently maintained, facial coverings may not be required

If 6 feet of physical distancing cannot be consistently maintained, the facial covering requirement must be adhered to


  • If you or someone you’ve been in contact with have symptoms of or/and test positive for COVID-19, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING and contact your team manager.
  • Each team will have a COVID emergency contact responsible for contacting the board COVID contact if there are any cases on the team. This will begin our contact tracing procedure with the Health Department, MAHA, The Garden Ice Arena as well as other rinks or teams.

Rink Protocol

  • You must bring your own water bottle.
  • No Showers are available for use.
  • Half dress (Shin Guards & Pants) prior to arrival.
  • Enter through front doors per usual, but exit through side arena door.
  • Arrive no more than 15 minutes before your ice time.
  • Take no longer than 15 minutes to exit. (Leave half dressed as well)
  • Warm ups and team meeting are to be done outside.
  • Concession stand will be closed

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Berrien Area Hockey Assocation

The mission of Berrien Area Hockey Association, a non-profit organization, is to cultivate each participant's love of rink sports while developing individual team skills. Our mission is to enhance self-esteem, build character, teach the importance of sportsmanship, foster team involvement, encourage healthy competition, and promote self-respect for players, spectators, parents, coaches, officials, and opponents. We're committed to providing a program that is open to everyone in our community, offering a safe and fun place to partake in the exciting sport of hockey and rink events.

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