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Wolves Registration OPEN!!!

The Board meets the 1st Tuesday of each month.

The next board meeting will be held February 7, 2023 @ 7:30p in the Garden party/meeting room.

Think about sharing your love for the sport with others by making a donation to the BAHA Scholarship Fund, BAHA is non-profit organization.

Berrien Area Hockey Assocation

The mission of Berrien Area Hockey Association, a non-profit organization, is to cultivate each participant's love of rink sports while developing individual team skills. Our mission is to enhance self-esteem, build character, teach the importance of sportsmanship, foster team involvement, encourage healthy competition, and promote self-respect for players, spectators, parents, coaches, officials, and opponents. We're committed to providing a program that is open to everyone in our community, offering a safe and fun place to partake in the exciting sport of hockey and rink events.

The Garden Ice Arena

Check out events and public skate hours at The Garden Ice Arena

John & DeDe Howard Ice Arena

Check out Public Skate hours at The Howard Ice Arena


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Berrien Area Hockey Association